You can´t conquer peaks alone

In mountaineering, the adage goes, if you want to break out of base camp and reach the summit, you need strong, reliable partners. And to attain the highest peak, you need the strongest partners. Since our goal is to reach the highest summit, logic dictates that we find the strongest partners. 
Working in the printing industry for almost five years, we have radically changed the management of printing businesses with Keyline. Our strategy was clear from the start: to introduce an all-encompassing platform that monitors, controls and automates all of the processes in a print plant and relieves employees of tedious work so that they can take care of what’s really important.
Positive feedback from our customers and partners affirms that our strategy based on modern technologies and new approaches has been very successful. 

Climbing Without Security

As the past few years have shown, the industry is with us. We receive requests, inquiries and ideas from interested parties, customers and partners every day. There’s so much to do even beyond Keyline that a small, compact team like Crispy cannot handle all of these tasks alone. As a result, we became frustrated as we found ourselves putting off our customers and partners because we were unable to implement what we have been working on in our heads and on our whiteboards for years.
We therefore began to consider how we could exploit our opportunities and position ourselves for the future without losing our spirit and agility. 

Teaming Up with Heidelberg

In Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG we found a partner with which we can master the challenges that lie ahead. In the process of getting to know our new partner, we were astonished to discover that our ideas are very similar to Heidelberg’s. Working with Heidelberg, we found a team of motivated, experienced experts that shares our goal of helping to shape the future of printing. It soon became clear that Crispy and Heidelberg were a perfect match!
Crispy Mountain became a part of the Heidelberg family in the beginning of June. To be more specific, Heidelberg has taken over all the shares in Crispy Mountain GmbH.
Working with Heidelberg allows us to finally access resources that will enable us to implement the “Crispy Way” in areas of the value chain in modern print businesses that go far beyond what we currently cover with Keyline.
While we will benefit from Heidelberg’s recognized expertise in the printing industry and its outstanding portfolio of services and products, we, in turn, will contribute our expertise in the development of robust, user-friendly cloud software. Together we can build innovative products for complex processes that are “future-proof” because they are based on Web and mobile technologies.

The Next Summit Awaits

Rapidly advancing digitalization means that no one can definitively predict what the future will hold in five or even two years. But we can say that Heidelberg and Crispy Mountain will always strive to develop the best possible software for print businesses – with a vision for industry innovation and with an open ear to customers and partners.
Thank you for your tremendous support!
⚠️ PS: We're hiring! ⚠️
To prepare for the upcoming projects, we have already started to build up further development teams. We are currently looking for support in back-end and front-end development based on Ruby on Rails and JavaScript, as well as in mobile development based on iOS/Swift. Look for more details in a blog entry in the coming week. If you would like to know more, please contact us directly:
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