With Keyline, mobile warehouse management is easier than ever

Consisting of a cloud-based web app for office and job processing tasks and an associated iPad app, Keyline’s print business management software allows work to be carried out directly at the machine, in logistics or in the warehouse. The warehouse features now have been significantly optimized and expanded.

While warehouse management is often seen as a rather boring task, efficient and fail-safe operations are unthinkable without an effective, well-managed warehouse. This is especially true when high volumes of small orders must be processed under the type of extreme time pressure that so often characterizes today’s printing industry. 

“Poor warehouse management is one of the main causes of chaos in print businesses. And you can’t blame the people. Often there is a lack of awareness and time to take care of it,” says Matthias Prinz, one of the managing directors of Keyline developer Crispy Mountain, a subsidiary of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. 

Keyline iPad App with new warehouse features

In modern print businesses, the boundaries between storage and production have become increasingly blurred, requiring a high degree of transparency. For example, employees should be able to query stock levels directly at the machines and enter and re-book materials. Missing materials must be requested or procured quickly and easily. In addition, inventories must be updated at regular intervals. A stationary PC-bound solution cannot accomplish these tasks efficiently, especially if warehouses are spread out over several halls or locations.

That’s why the “Crispies” decided to significantly expand the functionality of the Keyline iPad App in the warehouse area. In addition to the bare overview of stored materials and the fast, semi-automated updating of stocks on the basis of production information, the app now offers the option to transfer and consolidate materials with only a few taps, thus supporting the approach of continuous warehousing instead of interval-based manual inventory.

An essential goal of the further development of the app was to reduce the storage effort to a minimum. Materials and storage locations can now be scanned using QR codes to obtain more detailed information about the intended use and the assignment.

“An important aspect of our development philosophy is to make our customers’ daily lives as easy as possible, not just to keep printing houses organized, but above all to minimize errors. And this is only possible if the app makes useful suggestions and is intuitive to use,” says Prinz.

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