Keyline iPad App reloaded!

When we started Keyline in 2016, it became clear that a simple, self-explanatory user interface had to be one of the cornerstones of our development philosophy. This should not only apply to the features of the software used in customer consulting, but also in production, where data is entered and the IT competence of employees varies greatly.
For this purpose we chose to create an individual iPad app. This platform allowed us to develop quickly and provided access to a large developer community. In addition, the hardware is stable and is updated regularly. And since the fragmentation of the devices is low, we could be sure that the app would be stable on all major iPad models.
We haven’t regretted this decision and we continue to believe that using iOS in an industrial environment is a worthwhile investment. We will therefore continue to pursue this path in the future.
Since we follow an agile development approach, Keyline is in a permanent state of upheaval. We add new functions daily and continue to improve the performance and stability of all of the systems involved. The iPad app was one of the first systems we developed alongside the browser app. The app continued to grow organically over the years while we retained the basic architecture.
Now it was time to open a new chapter – that's why we redesigned our iPad app from the ground up and put it on a more solid footing. This is accompanied by some changes in distribution and usage, which are explained below. 


Instead of manual distribution and installation, the Keyline app is now available from the official Apple AppStore. Future updates will only be delivered via the AppStore.
We made this decision because Apple provides us with a variety of services that we will continue to use in the future, such as push notifications and easy updates. This will enhance the overall reliability and stability of the app. 

User experience

In addition, the app’s user interface has changed slightly, especially regarding clarity in production. A tab-based selection of processes sorted by machines, search function and scan result is now located on the right side. This creates more clarity, especially when switching among several machines and search results.
We are also increasingly turning to Apple’s standard concepts, especially for navigation within production. These changes make the app much more stable, especially when a lot of data has to be updated in a short time.

Future viability

All of these changes will benefit the future viability of the app and form the basis for a large number of changes that we will soon publish in the app. These include, for example, complete goods receiving, including external procurement, inventory and improved warehouse management, with stock transfers, as well as an improved logistics area with pick and pack functionality.
As always, we welcome feedback and further input to continue our goal of providing the best software platform for modern print businesses.