Family-owned printing house drucken123 cancels the business blind flight

It is a misconception to believe that small printing companies do not need a management system. In times of low margins, business blindness all too often leads to disaster. The family-owned printing company drucken123 is heading into a secure future with Keyline from Crispy Mountain. 

Five years is a long time when it comes to making a company ready for the future – that's how long the team at drucken123 spent looking for a suitable solution for print business management.
The printing house in Aschaffenburg, Germany, is a typical small family-owned printing company. The team currently counts six employees. The company has growth potential, but – like many other companies – suffers from a lack of skilled workers. This makes highly efficient processes in customer service, production, finishing and shipping all the more important. 

Many systems simply no longer state-of-the-art

Markus Müller, Managing Director of drucken123, comments on the long research phase: "Many systems are simply no longer up-to-date, very complex, and above all, not future-oriented. Their developers simply overlook the fact that today many jobs, often with short runs, have to be completed in the shortest possible time. You can easily invest 40,000 euros or more for a system and you are hardly one step further". 
Müller and his team were impressed by Keyline very quickly – especially the ease of use and the expandability were important arguments in the decision. Müller explains: "All other systems may offer a similar range of features, but they are much more complex and much more difficult to run. What we particularly liked about Keyline is that everything is designed to get to the point as quickly as possible". After a short training period, all employees were able to work with the new system without any problems. 
Another positive aspect is that although Keyline covers all stages of the value chain of printing companies, it focuses on the management part. Thanks to its open architecture, Keyline can be integrated with other specialized applications and machines and can control and steer them.

Fast implementation, fast return on investment

The complexity of many systems also means that the rollout in the daily work routine can take a very long time. Müller says: "There's no point in having to calculate six or more months for the implementation of a software; a small printing company simply can't afford that. Since Keyline is a cloud-based application, the test phase is already running under real conditions". 

Keyline is like Google for print businesses

An important aspect in the decision for Keyline was also the comfortable archiving of jobs. Müller sees Keyline as "Google for print shops" – the team can now find all past jobs and the associated documents at lightning speed if required. 

You need to know what's cooking

An often-heard statement is that small printing companies do not need software for print business management. Müller: "This is a dangerous fallacy. You simply have to know what's going on. Especially with today's very low margins, I have to keep costs under control".
Müller assumes that in many smaller printing companies "calculations are still done manually and the real costs are not known". Müller continues: "But when I know that I won't earn anything from a job, I don't have to produce it.

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