Why we haven't been able to unlock the potential of computers for 35 years

It is becoming a must for the printing industry in the Nordic and Baltic countries – the Workflow Summit of the Grafkom Industry Network. It has been held since 2018, this year on 12 November in Stockholm.

One of the lighthouse installations of Keyline can be found in Latvia – the book printer Livonia in Riga. It benefits from the innovative, data-driven workflow that is probably only possible with our Keyline print business management software.

So it was only logical that Christian Weyer, one of Crispy Mountain's managing directors, was invited to give one of the keynote speeches at this year's Workflow Summit.

The provocative title: You’re doing it wrong! How we fail to tap into true potential of computers in businesses since 35 years.

In his presentation Christian explained, 

  • what the evolution in radio and television has in common with that in IT 

  • why we still use only a fraction of the potential of digital technologies

  • why the user experience is so important for business software as well

  • why 70% of digitization is about people and processes and only 30% about technology

  • what the printing industry can expect from Crispy Mountain as part of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

Now you want to learn more? You can find Christian's keynote here.