MIS big hitters now support Keyline-MIS in the UK

Cloud to Print, the UK and Ireland distributor of the Keyline management information system, has signed a 5 year contract to work in partnership with Resolve Business Management to deal with sales and installation of the system across the region. Wayne Beckett and Chris Watson, owners of Resolve and formerly with Imprint-MIS, have set up their own consultancy to work with Cloud to Print to bring the product to market.
Paul Warren, Managing Director of Cloud to Print, says: “I showed the Keyline system to Wayne and Chris a few months ago and after a 30 minute demonstration they could see the potential in the cloud-based system. Two days later they approached me to ask if they could get involved with the roll out. They have a combined experience of around 70 years in the print sector and for me it was a total no brainer”. 
The new system was launched three years ago in Germany and currently has 24 Print Service Providers using the system. In addition, Keyline is in full operation at Livonia Print, a large book printer in Latvia, with around 500 users. The first UK client is going live this month.
Crispy Mountain’s Managing Director; Matthias Prinz, the German owners and developers of the system, says of the appointment: “We were really happy that Wayne and Chris saw the potential in the system from the start and with their experience we can really push hard in the UK and Ireland. We knew from the moment we launched the system that its ease of use, open architecture and connect-ability through its API would be well received by the market, but to have these 2 guys commit to the system like they have really puts us in a strong position. In addition, Chris’s technical knowledge is already helping to develop the system even further”.
Printing industry has changed
The face of the printing industry has changed a lot in the last decade. Keyline-MIS has been developed to help printing businesses of any type and size to master the challenges posed by the continued upswing of mass-ready digital print with the internet as a powerful sales channel.
While in the past huge print runs allowed for huge margins, today's orders are smaller, individualised products, which need to be produced quickly. The services offered by printers have extended beyond printing: prepress services and logistics now play an important role in today’s competitive market. Many of these new areas of business need to be addressed completely differently by software than those of a classic print business. Customers no longer look for a specific product, but for complete fulfilment. The printer becomes a service provider, from creating marketing ideas for customers, putting the ink on paper and then sending the products in different languages to multiple locations.
Traditional printing under pressure
Traditional printing companies face enormous challenges: how can they adapt to a fast changing market? Which niches can they successfully occupy in the long term? Which technologies are important and sustainable, and which are little more than hot air? The complexity of these questions is increasing rapidly.
Keyline-MIS helps printers overcome these problems by building a strong software foundation, which is ready for the digital challenges that loom on the horizon and helping printers to discover and develop new business opportunities in the digital era.
Not just another MIS
Keyline is not another MIS packed with obscure functions and bad UI. The developers at Crispy Mountain decided to take a fundamentally different approach – the M in MIS does not simply stand for management, because Keyline extends deeply into the manufacturing process on the shop floor. The system also integrates with machines and external software with extensive APIs, offering a powerful data backbone for the entire operation, that collects, distributes and analyses data from multiple internal and external sources.
Keyline has been developed by a team of young, motivated and ambitious experts with various backgrounds, from printing to IT to cargo handling. The core of the team´s philosophy is an uncomplicated and unorthodox partnership with its customers. Instead of just talk and promises, Keyline delivers. 

About Cloud to Print
Cloud to print, located in London UK, supports printing businesses in identifying and implementing new cloud based solutions to enhance their print workflow, from websites, web-to-print, CRM, multi-channel marketing, and more. The flagship solution offered by Cloud to Print is: Keyline MIS which sits at the centre of the offering as the heart of the modern print workflow. Paul Warren is the lead consultant who set-up and ran an award-winning printing business from 2008 to 2012, and now sits on the IPIA Council due to his unwavering passion for driving innovation in print. More information can be found here: www.cloudtoprint.co.uk.

Cloud to Print Ltd.
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About Crispy Mountain

Crispy Mountain, located in the Gutenberg city Mainz, supports printing houses on their way to new business areas and implements innovations with expertise, a hands-on mentality and intensive collaboration. With Keyline, the company offers an alternative to traditional management information systems (MIS) for the printing industry and adjacent areas, using state-of-the-art technologies and open interfaces and ensuring high ease of use. Keyline offers comprehensive functionality in the areas of sales, quotation, production planning and control, warehouse management, packaging and logistics, accounting and analytics. More information can be found at https://www.keyline-mis.com.



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