Crispy Mountain is hiring!

We are Crispy Mountain, a team of young, motivated and ambitious software experts based in Mainz, Germany, and throughout Europe.
Our key principles are:
Simplicity, Focus and Efficiency.

For our ambitious goals we need to expand our team!

 Remote or Mainz, Germany

We are currently building an open software platform for the print media industry called HEI.OS. Our vision is to create a future where every print related processes world-wide will run on a central industry platform.
It will be the only existing open platform that engulfs an entire industry. From designers and publishers to printers and machines to trucks and logistics – it's truly holistic.

All of this is backed by Heidelberg Druckmaschinen AG, the biggest print equipment manufacturer in the world, with more than 100 years of history. Heidelberg has recently acquired Crispy Mountain, in order to combine the excitement of a young and agile team with the knowledge and tradition of one of the oldest brands in print. Together we will tackle the incredibly exciting mission ahead.

We design and build the foundation services for this platform, as well as documentation and developer resources. Our responsibilities include process design, product design, UI/UX, implementation and operations as well as marketing and general strategy.

Since we build a "macro"-services (somewhere between die-hard micro service and monolith) architecture, there are many interesting independent projects to choose from. You would take over the responsibility for one of these projects and work closely with our CTO in making it happen.

Our usual tech stack looks like this: Ruby on Rails, Go (sometimes), Heroku, AWS, Postgres, RabbitMQ, Kafka, ...

We prefer the Rails-no-bullshit-approach. Our main objective is to build and deliver stable applications, that solve real-world problems for our users. We are using tools, libraries and technologies where and when it makes sense. We don't use stuff just for the sake of using it. Productivity and reliability is key. We use tools that fit the task, and are not bound by ideologies.

In addition to the technologies above, we use the usual suspects for CI/CD and communication: CircleCI,  Github, Basecamp, Slack, Zoom / AppearIn

Our challenge is a big one: we are tasked with building a platform that will change the face of an entire industry. Forever. We don't solve Silicon Valley-style self-made,  first-world problems – we want to fix actual software problems in the printing industry, freeing the people working there from stupid, repetitive, cognitive assembly line work and allow them to rediscover their creativity.

We pay above-average salaries that are linked to your experience and responsibility and grow with you. But money isn't everything!

Family first! We’re trying hard to provide you with a healthy and family friendly environment. Results matter, not office hours. That’s why we encourage remote work and quality time that you can spend with your loved ones.

You will enjoy a great deal of freedom in your work (which can also be a burden). Not gonna lie, we are a small team at this point, which will grow over time (again not explosively, but sustainably), so at first your job will be hands-on, while in the future it can shift more towards project lead and management (if this is your desire). Either way, your work will have an impact on our success!

Send us your application to and tell us a bit about yourself and the work you’ve done so far. We also expect you to get familiar with our philosophy and tell us how you can enrich our team.

Please give us some time to review your application, we’ll definitely come back to you as soon as possible. After our initial review, we might conduct a short phone interview to get to know you better. Following that, a personal meeting or online conference will be the next step.

Enough of this, now it’s your turn! We look forward hearing from you!